Antimony trioxide and Antimony Oxide

Wholesale trade: Antimony trioxide (antimonytrioxide) as raw chemical material

As chemical raw material antimony trioxide or antimony oxides in general is traded pulvered or granulated. ANTRACO Chemie-Handelsgesellschaft mbH (Germany) is a quality supplier of this substance. Due to excellent contacts to producers and manufacturers, Antraco is a prime address for buying departments in the chemical industry.Antraco - Your partner for antimony trioxide.

Flame retardant antimony oxide

Antimony troxide is used in fire-retardant applications for plastics (PVC resin, Vinyl resin and other resins compatible to DOP), rubbers, textiles, paper and paints. It is also used as an additive in glass and ceramic products and as a catalyst in the chemical industries.

Antimony trioxide as catalyst

The catalyst application in PET and film production as well as the textile industry are examples of the application range of antimony oxides. It is also used for staple fiber and industrial twines (filaments).